SwarmLinda - A Swarm-based Approach to Scalable Linda Systems


The implementation of coordination languages from the Linda family poses serious scalability problems. SwarmLinda takes a new approach to solve this by applying models and algorithms from swarm intelligence. Taking natur as a template, a distributed system is implemented by a huge number of small, autonomous and simple agents. They take local decisions but work collectively towards a shared goal. In SwarmLinda, tuples and templates are seen as ants that move around seeking for "food", that is matching templates and tuples.

The SwarmLinda homepage with all further details is kept at http://www.cs.fit.edu/~rmenezes/SwarmLinda/

SwarmLinda is a US-Germany Cooperative Research in collaboration with Ronaldo Menezes, Florida Institute of Technology under DAAD grant D/03/34491 and NSF grant INT-0337161.