Dependency Markup Language for Web Services DML

Current mechanisms for the description of Web Services and their composition are either to coarse – by specifying a functional interface only – or too fine – by specifying a concrete control flow amongst services. We argue that more adequate specifications can be built on the notion of dependency of activities and coordination activities to manage these dependencies. We propose a Dependency Markup Language DML to capture dependencies amongst activities and generalizations/specializations amongst processes. With that, we can describe composite services at more suited levels of abstraction and have several options to use such descriptions for service coordination, service discovery and service classification.

There is currently a paper on DML and a presentation
The idea has recently been incorporated in a concept for Web Service Markets which has been presented as a poster at the WWW2003 conference:
Robert Tolksdorf, Christian Bizer, and Ralf Heese. A Web Service Market Model based on Dependencies, In Proceedings of The Twelfth International World Wide Web Conference, Poster Sessions. 2003.